Showing Love

How are we Showing Love?

We understand the current climate not only our beloved city is in, but the entire world. We take pride in our city and wanted to lend a helping hand however we could. Through multiple efforts we have made it a priority to implement our true definition of king. Below you will find a breakdown of our endeavors:


KRUE Rona Relief Tees 

We’ve decided to help provide food and emergency supplies to Second Harvest Food Bank as they are working tirelessly to help those impacted by the current COVID-19 situation. We did this by donating 55% of all profits from our secondary logo tees. Every $1 donated helped Second Harvest provide 4 meals to someone in need. Each shirt sold, donated nearly 33 meals! 


We took action in support of holding those who are meant to protect and serve accountable for any act of injustice. Those who grabbed a “SILENCE IS BETRAYAL” shirt not only sent a message to those around them, but to also donated to the National Police Accountability Project. We donated 50% of sales of this shirt to NPAP and their cause. Together, we will continue to #RemainUnified.



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